“I worked for four years as a Legislative Assistant and Field Campaign Manager for New Jersey Senator and presidential candidate Bill Bradley when I was first out of school. Politics, like the wine industry, is complex and dynamic, and hopefully in the end about bringing people together around common interests. I definitely still enjoy a good public policy discussion over a glass of Burgundy. Each wine has a unique personality, like each of our elected public servants. You may like that personality, or it may not be your thing, but it still may be an interesting wine. If President Obama was a wine, what variety would he be? Maybe a super cool and complex red blend from the Rhone? Trump? Maybe a slightly flabby past its prime Virginia chardonnay? George W is a can of domestic beer, by his own admission. Bernie is definitely an oxidized natural wine. Kamala? Michelle O? Sarah Palin? The Turtle? President Biden? Let’s have some fun…”

 Founder and President

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