SF Wine Center Teams Up With Hart Davis Hart

an Francisco Wine Center has been working closely with our friends and colleagues at the esteemed auction house, Hart Davis Hart.  This Chicago-based company was formed in 2004 when Michael Davis and Paul Hart, after both spending nearly three decades at Sotheby’s, teamed up with renowned fine wine purveyor John Hart of John Hart Fine Wines.  Since then, HDH has been a fixture as the top auction house in the Midwest and has been expanding its considerable reach east, west, and of course, to Asia. SF Wine Center has been working with HDH in a variety of ways in order to better serve all of our clients. We’ve been sharing space in our quarterly reefer containers to Hong Kong which are consolidated right here in Sonoma and shipped from the Port of Oakland, saving our Asia-based clients significant shipping dollars.  Additionally, Brian, Francisco, Milena and Julie of SF Wine Center have been picking up and delivering to HDH clients here in California and providing specialized storage, receiving, inventory and consolidation services to Hart Davis Hart and their many important auction clients in the Western US and Asia.

For SF Wine Center clients interested in acquiring beautifully aged wines at auction, please let us know and we will be happy to help you avail yourselves of all that HDH has to offer. For Hart Davis Hart clients in California or Asia that are in need of the best specialized storage, consolidation, and shipping services, please contact Brian McGonigle at brian@sfwinecenter.com and we will take great care of you and your wines.

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