Whether you’re an established collector that needs more space or just have a few cases lying around the house that would be better off in temperature controlled storage, we have a storage service that fits your needs. Share a locker with a friend and gain access to our two beautiful wine lounges, special storage member events, and friendly community of wine fans. If you’re a collector that lives outside the San Francisco area, we offer special services for you as well. Have your allocations and wine club shipments sent to SF Wine Center and we’ll store them in your private cellar space for proper aging and then pack and ship them to you when they’re ready to drink. This service is especially valuable for collectors that live in states to which wineries can’t easily direct ship your wine to you.

Temperatures are always set at optimal conditions, keyless entry, cameras and motion sensors provide state-of-the-art security, and the storage units themselves are specially engineered and reinforced. The SFWC’s 200 lockers come in a variety of sizes and rates to fit any size collection or budget.


Beyond the 6,500 square feet of secure, private, climate-controlled cellar spaces, San Francisco Wine Center offers its members an array of great benefits. Membership is exclusive to San Francisco Wine Center storage clients.